Why are Thicker Wands Harder to Handle?

Hello leviwand geeks, It’s physics time with Leviwand Dance!

If you’re like me and have been wanding for a while, you’ve probably noticed that thicker wands are harder to handle than thinner wands? In this video, we probe into science and physics as to why is that.

This might all seem gibberish, but at the end of the video I guarantee there is some practical application to all of it in your leviwand practice and flow.

As stated in the video, I am not a physics major and I may get some concepts or terms incorrectly. Most of what I’ve stated in the video are mere observations.

If you know more about this or have some input, please do comment and share with the community.

Hope you guys like this video!

Thank you so much and keep wanding my friends.

  • Ehrlich


  1. Flow-wand by Flowtoys
  2. LED Leviwands by Moodhoops
  3. Pyroterra Lighttoys Visual Wand