Vision for the Art of Leviwand

I want to share with you a vision for the art of leviwand. Are you up to take this vision further with your unique leviwand journey? What are your thoughts about this?

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It has been a tough road, trying to introduce the leviwand as a skill-based prop, an addition to a show, or even a circus act. Some people were quick to dismiss it as a gimmick on a string; some even called it a lazy prop, without regard to the amount of skills, the hours of practice and work it entails so you could perform with it. I wish for the day I don’t have to explain what leviwand is.

It definitely took a lot of people to develop it, work on it, add to it, and introduce it to more people in the industry. We’re breaking in to the juggling community with the tech styles of leviwanding, the magic community has started to recognize the flow or dance style, and also in the circus world as an act by itself.

My personal vision and goal, and I know a lot of others in the community share this with me, is to make leviwand a more recognized and respected art across communities and industries. Not only are they familiar with the art of leviwand, they will actually seek out leviwand artists for their productions, event, shows, and teams. 

We know these companies are usually seeking out jugglers, stilt walkers, aerialists, contortionists, hand balancers, hula hoop artists, and more. Hopefully some day they will actually put out a casting call specifically for leviwand artists.

Take the Cyr wheel as an example. There were older roots for the wheel, but it was redefined and redeveloped by Daniel Cyr in 1996, introduced in a circus festival in 2003, and now, less than two decades, it’s basically a staple circus discipline that you can study in circus schools and Cyr wheel artists are sought out by companies.

In order for us to do this, we need to be more visible. We need to work on our skills more so we can be high-caliber leviwand artists. We will produce work that is mesmerizing, entertaining, and awe-inspiring. We will create performances will make an impression with the audiences.

More than the commercial viability of the art in the entertainment industry, with this recognition we could pursue more artistic works in galleries, art films, music videos, and performance stages.

That’s it. I hope you get inspired with this vision, and I hope you continue on the leviwand journey and hope to see your unique contribution to this art soon. I believe in you, and thank you for sharing your time with me.

With much happiness and hope, I am Ehrlich. Till next time!