Flow-wand Fundamentals

  • For complete beginners and brushing up on foundational moves
  • Most recommended – comprehensive, easy to follow, high quality
  • Covers short string, long string, and double wanding
  • Available as video on demand:
  • Also available in physical DVD copies and in bundles with flow-wands:

Ehrlich’s Leviwand Method

  • Featuring the signature style of Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo
  • Dance with magic and perform confidently as you learn the secrets of the leviwand or dancing cane with tried and tested precision techniques by Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo.
  • Covers flying spinning baton style, long and short string configurations, dance and acrobatic moves. Offered in different bundles and packages.
  • Includes membership to an exclusive Facebook group for troubleshooting, feedback, and exchange
  • LINK: https://leviwand.dance/course-category/leviwand/

More Tutorials on Leviwand.Dance

More tutorials at https://leviwand.dance/category/tutorials/

Other Leviwand Learning Resources

  • The Magic of Long String by Vivian Spiral
    • “Led by internationally renowned flow artist, Spiral, this DVD is a thorough introduction to the art of long string wand. Its comprehensive lessons include everything from string preparation to body wraps to grip changes, providing detailed instruction in a multitude of moves.”
    • https://www.synergyflowarts.com/products/long-string-wand-dvd
  • The Levilog (IG: @the.levilog)
    • An instagram account by Schlebbzz Daft which is a catalog-type of various moves and explorations. Most entries are specifically for contact style of wanding.
    • https://www.instagram.com/the.levilog/