About Leviwand 101 E-Book

About Leviwand 101 E-Book

Silhouettes in photo: Ehrlich Ocampo, Lux Luminous, Dalton Sessumes

“Leviwand 101: What You Need to Know to Begin and Other Things Every Wander Should Know” is an e-book in the works that will become an essential and useful resource for anyone into leviwand – a curious soul, a leviwand newbie, or someone more experienced with the dancing cane or leviwand.

When I was new to leviwand, it seemed that all the resources about this magical art were scattered in a vast uncharted land. I didn’t know there were different styles of leviwanding, I had no idea where leviwand originated, where to get them, how to begin, and where to find learning resources. 

Hopefully, this book will serve as everyone’s map in this “leviland” and would greatly help anyone with their leviwand journey. Similar to my mission with Leviwand.Dance, this is the resource that I wish I had access to when I was beginning my exploration.

Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo

What will be inside the book?

Here is the table of contents of the book. The book is already mostly written down, and is now going into design and layout.

  • About the leviwand
    • What is a leviwand?
    • Origins of the leviwand
    • Why are there different names?
  • Different styles of leviwand
  • Different types of leviwand
  • Where do I get my first leviwand?
  • How do I begin with leviwand?
    • Parts of a leviwand
    • Balance
    • Collisions and other disturbances
    • How to start spinning your leviwand
    • Name your hands
    • Tips for improving your spinning
    • Moves every leviwand beginner must master
  • Where do I learn leviwand?
  • Why should I mark my leviwand?
  • How do I restring to long string leviwand?
  • Leviwand storage
  • Taking videos
  • First performance
  • How to recover from a wonky leviwand
  • More leviwand resources
  • Tracing the origins of leviwand
  • Vision for the art of leviwand

Want to contribute your photos to this project?

The content of the book will be very visual, and I am specifically looking for photo contributions of the following:

  • All kinds of leviwand photos – ideally different types and styles (silks, wooping, LED, fire, etc.)
  • How you keep your string organized (rubber bands, hair ties, etc.)
  • How you store/carry your leviwands (carrying bags, quivers, etc.)
  • Performance photos
  • Group/community leviwand photos
  • Kaizen module prop rack with leviwands
  • Different outfits, specifically looking for flowy outfit that may collide with leviwand, and a flowy outfit that works well with leviwand
  • Photo of teeter totters and perches

We ask that, if possible, you include the following details:

  • Photographer name
  • Leviwand artist name
  • Leviwand maker/model (if applicable)
  • Links and social media handles

Photo submissions without information may be used in the project, but only photo submissions with these information will have credit in the appendix. Submission also doesn’t guarantee your photo will be included in the project.

Email your contributions to leviwanddance@gmail.com by 30th of June, 2021 together with a signed copy of this release and license form.  By submitting, you give Ehrlich Ocampo and Leviwand Dance permission to use your photo in Leviwand 101 E-Book and its promotions.

When and how can we have access to the e-book?

WHEN: Since the design and layout will be very intensive as it will have a lot of visual elements, and that I am also training and doing other projects, I am targeting to finish it by the last quarter of 2021.

HOW: Details are still being finalized, so for now, please do sign-up for the newsletter for updates about its development and availability.

PRICING: There will be a free sample of the e-book with all the essential chapters available for everyone to fulfill the project’s mission of making the information available to beginners. The full version will be available for a fee.


Donate to/support this project

If you believe in this project’s cause and mission, please consider donating to help me sustain myself as I create and invest time into this e-book.