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Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo



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Leviwand is a fairly new art – but it has its origins in the magic world for centuries. They call it the Dancing Cane, and it made its way to the flow arts or object manipulation scene with the flow-wand by Flowtoys.

Today, leviwand is a versatile prop that lets you express yourself through movement as you mesmerize others with magic.



Practice Methodology

I want to share with you how I practice and train, and how I was able to develop this style or method of the leviwand. I hope this mindset also enables you to always level up your leviwand journey. This video is part of my full leviwand course – Ehrlich’s Leviwand Method – available at…

Vision for the Art of Leviwand

I want to share with you a vision for the art of leviwand. Are you up to take this vision further with your unique leviwand journey? What are your thoughts about this? This video is part of my full leviwand course – Ehrlich’s Leviwand Method – available at Leviwand.Dance It has been a tough road,…

Speed Test: Leviwands with Fast Spinning

Hi dancing wizards! In this video, I would like to test a couple of my wands for staying balanced during fast spinning. We are testing a theory that: THICKER WANDS CAN’T HANDLE BEING BALANCED DURING FAST SPINNING. How do you think this test will turn out? Find out for yourself. Ehrlich WANDS USED IN VIDEO…

Beginner Leviwand Tutorial

If you are a complete beginner with the leviwand, has a friend who is just starting or just wanted to review the basics, here is a quick video to take you from leviwand zero to “maybe not”. This video assumes you have a short string leviwand with a finger loop. The wands used are: flowtoys…

Floating Isolations with Short String Leviwand

Hi dancing wizards! Let’s explore floating isolations with the short string leviwand! Isolations with the leviwand is the same with staves wherein you isolate one end of the shaft and make look suspended in space, but we will let it float and guide the leviwand with the string. Lene Andreassen’s inspiration videos: By the way,…

Choreography Sequence 2

Hi wanders! It’s time for Choreography Sequence 2!!! Here are some tutorials you need to watch before learning this choreography:STEPPING TURNS: CATCHES: The sequence can be done in any music as long as you can handle the speed of the music. If you like the track I used, it’s a royalty free track…


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